Hose Protector Recommended Uses & Applications


EPHA's smallest and yet one of it's most popular products is the 4" Hose Protector. Used primarily by original equipment manufacturers and end users, the 4" Hose Protector’s small size and flexibility allows it to easily shield electrical systems and battery cables, pneumatic lines, cables and hydraulic systems.

4” Recommended for 0.25” to 1.00” OD
(Note: The 4” HP can also be used on applications up to 3” OD providing a 2.50” x 4” wear shield)



The 6" and 8” Hose Protectors allows for a greater wear surface than the smaller 4” size, but still offers the flexibility and ease of application. Distributors, oem’s and end users utilize these sizes at possible points of abrasion or at points of failure when replacing worn or blown hoses with new assemblies. Installing the Hose Protector while a new hose or assembly is being built allows for the exact point of abrasion to be shielded from any further wear after on the equipment. This versatility allows for you to offer your customers a simple solution in a fast and effective manner. Medium to large size hoses, cables, water lines, and hydraulic assemblies are just a few areas where these medium size Hose Protectors can be utilized.

6” Recommended for 0.75” to 1.25” OD
(Note: The 6” HP can be used on applications up to 3.50” OD providing a 3.25” x 6” wear shield)

8” Recommended for 1.00” to 1.50” OD
(Note: The 8” HP can be used on applications up to 4” OD providing a 3.50” x 8” wear shield)



EPHA recently released its new 10" and 12" Bundle Wrap Hose Protectors, adding the larger sizes to its current hose protection product line. Used primarily on large or complicated assemblies, hydraulic systems, and bundles of hose; the new sizes fill a substantial gap where EPHA has lacked in the past. Although the smaller sizes have always met our customer's needs, there has always been certain large application, which EPHA's products could not fill completely. Large groups of hoses have always had to be shielded one-by-one using individual Hose Protectors. This not only increased the amount of time needed for installation but the overall cost to the consumer as well. Now, with the larger sizes, the increased surface area of the 10" and 12" Hose Protectors allow for the entire group of hoses to be shielded with one easy to install Hose Protector. The Bundle Wraps are ideal for protecting these large groups of hose in even the harshest of conditions. With its increased size, EPHA has also added an additional cable tie groove as well as increasing the ties overall size and strength. Four 125lb cable ties hold the Bundle Wrap in place so it will not slip or allow any of the hoses to move from its original point of installation.

10” Recommended for 1.25” to 2.25” OD
(Note: The 10” HP can be used on larger single applications providing a 4.50” x 10” wear shield)

12” Recommended for 1.5” to 2.5” OD
(Note: The 12” HP can be used on larger single applications providing a 5” x 12” wear shield)