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Safety Sheath is a versatile new product from Epha, Inc. that allows technicians to quickly isolate cables and hoses. The slide-over cable covers are made of flexible plastic and attach easily to any application, thus avoiding electrical arching and contamination. This provides safety and protection for electricians, mechanics, and anyone who works with wiring, cabling, or fuel and hydraulic lines.

Using Safety Sheath allows technicians to quickly and securely isolate cables so they can continue to work without worry or risk. There's an incredible number of uses for our slide-over covers.

Safety Sheath helps keep you working safely and
efficiently on any job.
The Safety Sheath covers come in 3 colors and 4 different sizes
Industries Impacted

Safety Sheath cable covers aren't just for use in automotive repair shops; they can be used anywhere, for any project. If you work with electricity or wiring in any capacity, you can find an everyday use for our products.

Off-Road Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles
We've Got You Covered!

Safety Sheath cable covers are designed to efficiently isolate exposed wires, cables, and hoses from the possibility of electrical shorts and contamination during automotive and electrical repairs. You'll find a wide array of uses for these protective colors, which come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Use Safety Sheath to keep battery terminals and cable ends hidden away, eliminating the possibility of electrical arcing and keeping mechanics, electricians, and hobbyists safe. if you work with electricity, wiring, or fuel lines in any capacity, you'll find many everyday uses for our products.

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