Reduce Risk of Injury!

Individuals using ladders are often not mindful of potential hazards associated with ladder use, and may take dangerous risks in the interest of saving time. Standing on the top cap or top step of a ladder, rather than choosing a ladder for a specific job, too often results in injury and sometimes death.

On average, 136,000 people each year are treated in the emergency room as a result of a fall from a ladder. In 2013, the cost for a medical treatment from ladder falls and injuries in the United States exceeded 100 million dollars, with an average of 36 days of lost work.

How it Benefits You

The Ladder Guard System will help your business and your employees reduce the risks associates with the use of ladders. Preventing one injury will pay for your investment in the Ladder Guard System tenfold.

Never stand or step on the top cap of top step of a stepladder.
Read the Facts
  • Installs in minutes with no special tools and no modifications
  • Reduces ladder accidents by preventing access to the top step
  • Reduces risk of worker injury or death
  • Reduces insurance costs
  • Reduces risk of fines or penalties due to safety violations
  • Helps to maintain ladder stability while ladder is in use
  • Inexpensive and easy to maintain
  • Prevent one injury and pay for the cost of Ladder Guard tenfold
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